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While ordinary drivers may balk at picking up strangers off the street,  taxi drivers earn a living inviting total strangers into a vehicle. What the public considers highly risky behavior, a cab driver calls an honest day's work—work that harbors significant dangers.

The CDC reports that occupations involving personal contact with vulnerable, upset, or violent individuals are at a high risk for violent crimes. Transportation occupational groups are among those who experience the highest rates of nonfatal workplace violence. 

Whether working for a cab company or a ride-share service, taxi safety is paramount in protecting the lives of drivers throughout the United States. Much of the violent crime experienced by a taxi driver stems from robbery attempts. Reducing robbery threats protects drivers and reduces injury liability claims and medical payments for insurance carriers.

Tips for Taxi Safety

A taxi driver can reduce the risk of robbery, assault, and other criminal activity by observing a few simple safety tips.

  1. Install a Security System: Consider adding extra security features to deter criminal activity.
  2. Install security cameras and/or dash cameras and post decals stating cameras are present
  3. Place bullet-resistant barriers between the front and back seats
  4. Activate the vehicle's GPS systems
  5. Maintain Visibility: Be sure to maintain a clear line of sight to monitor your surroundings effectively.
  6. Park in well-lit areas when not driving
  7. Keep windows and windshields clean
  8. Have minimal window tinting
  9. Clear the dashboard of unnecessary signs and equipment
  10. Don't Flash Cash: Keep as little cash as possible in the taxi, and post signage on passenger doors stating drivers have minimal cash on hand. Make frequent deposits and use cashless transactions as much as possible (credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.). 
  11. Stay Alert: Practice necessary safety precautions to increase driver safety.
  12. Keep windows up and only roll down a fraction to talk to fares
  13. Keep doors locked
  14. Maintain eye contact with passengers
  15. Require specific addresses and directions
  16. have customers sit on the passenger side back seat so you can see them better
  17. Check-in with dispatch at regularly scheduled intervals.
  18. Risk Awareness: Avoid engaging in risky behaviors that could escalate the situation.
  19. Don't chase people who skip fares
  20. Let the robber have the money
  21. If a passenger can't provide a destination, don't accept them in the cab
  22. Have an active, full-coverage taxi insurance policy.

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